Luxury Vehicles


Luxury Vehicles

Aoyee International tourism and hospitality center not only has a variety of brand luxury vehicles, including its own Mercedes-Benz cars and luxury private aircraft, and with the world’s leading hotel brands to maintain a close working relationship, the network covers 25 cities, including Toronto, Niagara Great Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, Calgary, etc., more than 120 hotels, Sheraton, Hilton, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Leeds Carlton Hotel, InterContinental Hotels, Marriott International Hotel and other outstanding hotel brand, Provide cost-effective hotel and quality service. Aoyee and China also cooperate with more than 50 airlines, including Air Canada, WestJet, Continental Airlines, Delta Airways, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, China International Airlines, Hainan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Airlines, Korean Air, China Southern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Egypt Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Jet Airways, British Airways, etc., to obtain competitive ticket prices and other priority services to customers.

Aoyee International has a variety of brand luxury vehicles. As the only travel company with the full range of Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles, the company has its own Mercedes-Benz S-class, E-class, R-class, ML-class cars; luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter12 and 15 bus; 21, 56 luxury buses and the world’s top luxury vehicles Maybach, the ability to meet the needs of any customer groups reception.

In Toronto, Aoyee can meet all your needs,  including airfare, hotel, and transportation. Whether you are in a hurry to travel to the airport, or visit the city for a leisurely visit, or to attend a special event, the accepted reliability and unparalleled attention will make our service exceed your expectations.

In Toronto, you can rely on the following transportation services:

1) Airport shuttle
International Airport for all of Toronto, including Pearson International Airport (YYZ) shuttle service.

2) Charges on an hourly basis
If you need someone to drive you from one conference to another or visit the city center, the international hourly service may be able to meet your needs. This is one of the best affordable personalized services.

3) Intercity transport services
Traffic between the city and the city can not only take you from one city in Greater Toronto to another, but also to a greater distance.

4) round-trip transportation services
If you are looking for a way to enter and leave the city, you can enjoy your trip by car from your destination to your destination. With the international transport service, you do not have to worry about headaches for traffic, parking, and how to get back by car.

5) special occasions
Aoyee International’s luxury car service in Toronto helps you make your particular thing even more unparalleled. Whether it is weddings, celebrations or any other occasion, we will use our unusual luxury car service and our efforts to exceed your expectations.

An International Limited serves the Canadian local government and enterprises. In order to meet the market demand, the company has its own fleet of transport, and become the Canadian Mercedes-Benz group under the large customer business. The company owned transport vehicles:

1) Mercedes-Benz S-Class car, E-class car, C-class car, GL-class car – for high-end business VIP services and airports and urban transport.

2) 12 seats, 15 Mercedes-Benz high-top luxury CMB (can be loaded luggage) – for the airport, railway station shuttle service and the transport between the various cities, and has luggage space.

3) 14 lengthened Limo Sedans – for VIP VIP transport, conference and high-end reception.

4) 18 Limo buses – transportation and parties for meetings and exhibitions, sightseeing.

5) 32 seats CMB – for urban tourism, long-distance transport in Canada, the United States.

6) Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Lexus 7 Jeep – for high-end business and personal custom customers.

Fleet service contracting business

At present, the Aoyee International and Hainan Airline’s cooperation, for the Hainan Airlines Canada regional business class passengers to provide exclusive limousine shuttle service, service team from the Austrian International. The free concierge pick-up service can be booked within 30 days from the date of departure to 4 hours before you can make a reservation or email in China and Canada. Pearson airport radius of 50 km within the shuttle, this range basically covers the vast majority of GTA Chinese gathering area. At present, in the passenger anti-access questionnaire, the satisfaction rate of 100%.

VIP customer service project advantage

1) Adequate vehicle transportation resources:

Aoyee International has a large number of different types of luxury vehicles, very suitable and able to meet the needs of China Eastern Airlines VIP customer service needs.

2) Standardized commercial insurance system:

Aoyee International is Canada’s legitimate and standardized business enterprises, is the aareertain size and good reputation of the business services company. All the vehicles of the company have perfect commercial insurance, in line with China Eastern Airlines VIP customer service purposes and security services concept.

3) High-quality business services:

Australia and Italy for many years to high-quality business services has made a wide range of customer praise and good reputation at the same time, actively and seriously improve the quality of service. To become the Ontario Tourism Services Industry Management Committee (TICO) star enterprises.

4) Advanced programmatic management system:

Aoyee and Italy to adopt advanced procedures for the management system, a clear and clear implementation of the hierarchical responsibility system, accurate in place of customer service levels, flexible service mechanism.

5) A high standard of service team:

Aoyee has a high standard of service quality management team and experienced vehicle safety drivers. Australia and the international regular training of all employees, and strive to improve the service quality of service personnel, is the Toronto business services industry iconic enterprises.

Business customer service project implementation plan

For China Eastern Airlines business development services, Australia and Italy to provide some services for reference:

1) timely and accurate vehicle transport service time, the location of the transfer established by the Aoyee International Co., Ltd. vehicle dispatching department with China Eastern Airlines management departments to jointly implement customer service joint operations, in order to better with the quality of services to customers, a total of A service quality.

2) Aoyee International to provide consistent professional work dress, showing the rigorous work of the state machine to better maintain the corporate image and quality of service.

3) The company offers one-on-one VIP pick-up service, traveling between Toronto airport and downtown.

4) the implementation of luxury CMB designated point shuttle. For the Toronto city and the surrounding cities scattered China Eastern Airlines customers, the company uses fixed-point, regular luxury CMB shuttle. According to the East, West and North Line shuttle bus (Shuttle Bus) services, in order to better expand China Eastern Airlines customer service business.

5) Long-term expansion of major cities around Toronto, such as Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Waterloo and Hamilton.

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