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Aoyee Travel as a leading service provider in Canada, there are more than 50 airlines and hundreds of hotel partners to provide customers with very competitive prices, high-quality products and most professional services.

Special Air Tickets:

Buy Hainan Airlines Business Class Air Ticket, Get Free Luxury Car Transportation to/from Airport

Toronto-Beijing, Hainan airlines, depart on Jan. 1 – Apr. 18, round trip, C$300 up + tax

Toronto-China, round trip, C$350 up + tax

Toronto – Beijing / Shanghai / Hong Kong, Group Tickets for Summer Holiday, Air Canada, non-stop, round-trip, $1800+ (Tax included).

Toronto – Beijing, round trip, Hainan Airline, Depart on Mar., C$350 up before tax

Toronto – Beijing, round trip, $450 up + tax

Air Canada:

Special air ticketsToronto-Beijing, round trip, $450 up + tax

Toronto – Hong Kong, round trip, non-stop, Air Canada, C$625+ before tax

Toronto – Beijing/Shanghai, round trip, C$1290 to C$1750 after tax!


Hainan Airline:

SpecialToronto-Beijing, round trip, $450 up + tax

Business60+ years old, one-way trip, $1730 up + tax ($410)

Business Package2 round-trips, $7000 up + tax, 3 round-trips, $10000 up + tax


China Eastern Air:

Toronto – Shanghai/Beijing $870 up after tax

Sichuan Airline:

Vancouver to Cheng Du $500 up + tax

Vancouver to Sheng Yang $600 up + tax

Cathay Pacific:

Toronto – Hong Kong, round trip, $970 up + tax

Toronto – Guang Zhou, round trip, $970 up + tax

Toronto – Fu Zhou, round trip, $970 up + tax

Toronto – Taipei, round trip, $830 up + tax


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