Zhangjiajie, the ancient city of Phoenix, Changsha 7 days tour

Travel features:
* Tour: the ancient city of Phoenix – China’s most beautiful water town, feel Xiangxi and Miaojia style
* Yuanjiajie – the film “Avatar” shooting viewfinder, to reproduce the classic lens
* Shili Gallery – take a small train to visit the Chinese landscape painting gallery
* Bailong Ladder – take the world’s highest, fastest-running outdoor sightseeing elevator
* Gift: with the group of professional photographers throughout the free ride with the car
Departure, Chinese holidays do not send the group: Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day
Every Wednesday arrived in Changsha
Online booking
Adult $ 99 Single Room Surcharge $ 180
Child (no bed) $ 99 occupies $ 229

Note: If the travel is subject to change without notice, the specific itinerary and price should be determined by the company staff.
* Must participate in the project at their own expense:
Charm Xiangxi song and dance show VIP seats, Tianmen fox fairies real dance, Dragon King hole, a total of USD $ 160; (children and adults with the price);
* Fees include: itinerary listed attractions tickets, hotels, meals, air conditioning luxury bus;
* Sent to China accident insurance (RMB 300,000);
* Cost does not include: international / domestic air tickets and their taxes, personal travel, medical insurance, visa fees;
All costs that are purely private; additional costs arising from private causes and flight delays, or other irresistible factors;
* This group is designed for overseas Chinese and set up high-quality tours, to provide Chinese tour guide; not with the domestic group merger;
* Tour guide and staff service fee US $ 10 / person / day, please be sure to pay the tour with the project at your own expense;
* If the guests are away from the group, accompanied by relatives and friends to be set off a fine of US $ 50 / person / day; or immediately terminate the qualification;
* The above itinerary is for reference only, if the weather or traffic and other manpower irresistible factors, the attractions may be adjusted;
* All participants are deemed to agree to the above terms.

(Wednesday) the first day: arrived in Changsha
Changsha Hua Wen Forest Hotel 5 star or similar
Guests arrive in Changsha by limousine and return to the hotel by the tour guide. Enjoy five-star luxury hotel entertainment facilities.
(Free 17: 00-22: 00 pick up, please provide pick up flight time at the time of registration. Other time to pick up additional $ 30 / person / person, or guests to the hotel.)

(Thursday) the next day: Changsha – the ancient city of Phoenix (B / L / D)

Phoenix Phoenix International Hotel or similar
After the breakfast to the “ancient city of Phoenix”, the ancient city of the city, “ancient city walls” Ming and Qing ancient style still, the ancient and simple Tuojiang quietly flowing; walk Tuojiang scenery, take the ancient city “stone street”, view “North Gate” , See “Wonderland”, enjoy the “Sand Diaojiaolou”.

(Friday) the third day: the ancient city of Phoenix – rammed my Miao Village – Zhangjiajie (B / L / D)

Minnan International Hotel 5 star or similar
After breakfast, take the coach to “Ramo Miao Village”. Ram miao Miao Village for the Miao language, its unique natural environment and grow into the tea mellow sweet aftertaste infinite. Here you can enjoy the famous local gold tea and Maojian tea. Then take the bus back to Zhangjiajie. Enjoy the “Heavenly Arc Fairy” performance at night. (Package bus up the mountain)

(Saturday) Day 4: Zhangjiajie (B / L / D)

Grand Hotel 5 star or similar
After breakfast, visit the temple of the Tujia Art. This is Mr. Li Junsheng founder of the Academy of Art, “simple, natural, innovative” for the purpose of art, the gravel from the original to the development of a new height. And then to the Shanzhen Museum, enjoy the traditional Chinese silk technology. Then at their own expense to the heart of the door – “Dragon King”, Dragon King hole cave expert praised as “the world cave wonderful work”, the stalagmite, stone stalactites, stone mantle, stone flowers everywhere, dazzling. More “monk bathing,” said the dragon wonders wonders, indomitable spirit, magnificent, amazing. After the trip to the “Zhangjiajie National Forest Park”, walk “China’s most beautiful Grand Canyon” “Jinbianxi”: a total length of 7.5 km, known as the “landscape gallery” “paradise on earth.” Explore the famous attractions such as “Golden Whip Rock”, “Venus Rock”, “Purple Caitang”, “Waterwheel”, “Guanyin Delivery”, “longevity spring” and “candle crest”. And then go to Baofeng Ganoderma Museum, enjoy the gift of massage and foot bath, a wash journey tired.

(Sunday) Day 5: Zhangjiajie (B / L / D)

Grand Hotel 5 star or similar
After breakfast, proceed to “Yuanjiajie Forest Park”, tour “the first bridge of the world”. Then visit the “Tianzishan” (including the cable car uphill), which is known as “enlarged bonsai, narrowed fairyland”, and visit attractions such as “Ecstasy”, “Yubi” and “West Sea Stone Forest”. Watch the Avatar movie – “Hallelujah Mountain” prototype “heaven and earth column” strange beauty. The depths of the canyon, thousands of stone peak stone pillars Qi Wei sudden legislation. More “the best in the world column,” said the “Dragon King”, indomitable spirit, magnificent, amazing. And take a hundred meters long transparent sightseeing elevator – “hundred dragon ladder” down the mountain. And then take a small train to visit the “Shili Gallery area”, tour “Zhangjiajie top ten King”. And then visit the bamboo charcoal living museum. Night at their own expense to watch the charm of Xiangxi song and dance performances.

(Monday) Day 6: Zhangjiajie – Changsha (B / L / D)

Changsha – Mandarin Forest Hotel 5 star or similar
After breakfast, visit the “Tianfu Jewelery Museum”, an array of jewelry, to make you an eye-opener. After visiting the “Xiangxiu Institute”, enjoy the unique traditional art of embroidery. And then to Changsha, the most prosperous “Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street.”

(Tuesday) Day 7: Changsha – Original (Breakfast)

After breakfast, by the tour guide to send the machine, then or by the staff of the company arranged to travel to other cities in the country. I will Bingzhe “to really sincere, Yikeweizun” the spirit of service to the most preferential prices 譲 guests enjoy the beautiful scenery of China’s beautiful mountains and rivers!

(Free delivery time is 08: 00-15: 00, other time to send machines need to add $ 30 / times / person, or ask guests to the airport.)

* If you have a ticket, you must submit your flight and passport information 7 days prior to departure before you can enjoy free shuttle service and RMB 300,000 in China. The group has shopping arrangements and shopping is a voluntary act. Forced shopping, but please meet with friends.

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