Silk Road 9 days essence trip

Tour of Xinjiang unique scenery Tianshan and Tianchi, grapes and fruit and vegetable town – Turpan, China’s hottest land – Flaming Mountain, China’s four largest caves – Thousand Buddha Cave Mogao Grottoes, Desert Wonders – Crescent Moon Spring, riding ” Desert boat “, the world’s first male off – Jiayuguan, Lanzhou:” the Yellow River in the west, silk landscape city ”

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Day 1 Home – Urumqi (excluding international air tickets)

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Welcome to the beautiful capital of Xinjiang Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is China’s five autonomous regions in the largest area (accounting for one-sixth of the whole of China), the largest ethnic minority (a total of 47 families), but also the Silk Road must tour the city. By the experienced tour guide pick up at the airport to meet, then sent to the hotel to rest.

Day 2 Urumqi (B / L / D)

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After breakfast to the [Tianshan] (about 1.5Hrs). In the Tianshan Bogda peak mountain, there is a name called [Tianchi], also known as the Jade Pool of the lake. The lake is made of ice and snow, clear and transparent, like a large mirror. Legend of the Western Zhou Wang and the Queen had met here. We will also travel by boat between the landscapes (only 5 – 10 months). Then walk in the mountain Jun trail, away from the city clamor, outside the Red. Noon tasting specialties. After returning to Urumqi, visit the [International Bazaar], Pakistan is the meaning of the market, brought together thousands of local products in Xinjiang, a monopoly Adelaide (silk), Uighur flower cap, all kinds of fruits, musical instruments, etc. Etc., you can buy some souvenirs here, add friends and relatives, share the joy of the Silk Road travel! Night at their own expense to participate in [“Erdaoqiao dance feast”], Xinjiang is the top of the song and dance banquet, fully experience the national song and dance style and food.

Day 3 Turpan (B / L / D)

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After breakfast, visit the [Nanshan Ranch], then go to the lowest land in China [Turpan] (about 2.5Hrs). Visit the grape ditch and its ancient water conservancy project [Kaner well], Kaner well is to make this piece of desert into the oasis of the biggest reason, and the Great Wall, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and known as the ancient Chinese three major projects. Afternoon tour is currently the world’s oldest, but also the best protection of the raw soil of the city [pay the river Gucheng]. Then visit in the “Journey to the West” was deified in the [Flaming Mountain], 100 km extension of the red sandstone, really burned by the same flames. Thinking about Wu Chengen then whether you and I, standing here looking at God gave us the wonders? Then visit the [Uygur Village], the village of all-around three-dimensional display of the Uighur history changes, production labor, residential buildings, customs and religious beliefs and another style. In addition, today special arrangements for testing Uygur roast.

Day 4 Turpan ~ Hafei (B / L / D)

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After breakfast, proceed to the largest city and transportation center of Dongjiang [Hami] (about 6Hrs), after the arrival of the [Barkol] prairie. Each year the green grass, wild flowers actually put the season, the herdsmen to the 遝 to, embellished in the green on the yurt, smoke curl, milk tea fragrance. Where the herdsmen to retain a pure tradition of the Kazak, if the Kazakh yurts yurts guest, hospitable owner must hold out the hot butter tea, mellow horse discs and grasp the meat warm hospitality you will also be melodious and sweet winter pull and rough Mad song to the prairie. Guests can ride at their own expense on this prairie, horse riding is one of the essential activities on the prairie.

Day 5 Hamilton ~ Dunhuang (B / L / D)

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After breakfast, go to the “Silk Road Pearl,” said the [Dunhuang City] (about 7Hrs). After the tour of the world cultural heritage [Qianfo Cave Mogao Grottoes], the existing cave 492, murals 45,000 square meters, color statue 2415, is the first of the four Chinese caves. Then go to [Mingsha Shan], in this ride “desert boat” – camels, visit [Crescent Moon Spring]. Crescent Moon is named for the crescent moon. In the vast desert among the springs do not dry up, Feisha fill dissatisfaction, it is a big wonders of nature, it is unforgettable! This day the special arrangement of the snow camel palm feast, at night at their own expense to enjoy [“Dunhuang Flying and Dance”].

Day 6 Dunhuang ~ Jiayuguan ~ Jiuquan (B / L / D)

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After breakfast, we went to visit the Great Buddha Temple This temple is the largest Xixia architectural relics in Gansu Province, the monks of Sakyamuni in the monastery of the temple, that is, the large reclining Buddha, for the wood tiles clay, gold painting, body length 34.5 Meters, shoulder width of 7.5 meters, light ears are 2 meters long, is China’s largest indoor Buddha statue. Continued to travel to the [Wuwei] also known as Liangzhou, was the Silk Road to the red is “smoke fluttering Sang Tuo thick” rich land, known as “silver Wuwei,” said. Arrived after the arrival of the [Lei Tai Han Tomb] Lei Tai Han Tomb is a national key cultural relics protection units, due to unearthed treasures treasures, Chinese tourism signs bronze gallop and famous, copper gallop 34.5 cm long, 45 cm long, heavy 7 .15 kg, it is head of hopping, three feet vacated, the right hind step marching a bird. After the ride to the ancient name of “Jincheng”, is now the capital of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province; Lanzhou surrounded by mountains, the Yellow River from west to east, the urban cut into the South, North City, urban scenery and beautiful peculiar. Take an evening flight to fly in Xi’an!

Day 7 Jiuquan ~ Zhangye ~ Wuwei (B / L / D)
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After breakfast, visit the [Jiuquan Park], also known as the spring lake park, because the garden has Jiuquan named, has 2,000 years of history. After going to [Zhangye] (about 2.5Hrs). Visit the famous [Buddha Temple], is the Silk Road on an important monuments. After a short break to Wuwei City (about 3Hrs). This day will be arranged special food hand lamb chops, a taste of local flavor.

Day 8 Wuwei ~ Lanzhou (B / L / D)

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After breakfast to the ancient name of “Jincheng” [Lanzhou City] (about 4.5Hrs). Visit 【Baita Mountain Park】, this area for the Hui people, Muslim temple from time to time came the chanting chanting sound. Lunch Taste local features Lanzhou beef noodles. And then to the [Yellow River Bridge], which is the first of the Yellow River to build the iron knot bridge, Lanzhou City landmarks. Then visit the [Yellow River Water Park], Gulang water tanker irrigation field, saving time and effort, is the famous landmark of the Yellow River. After the visit to the birth of the Chinese children [the Yellow River mother like]. Guests can experience at their own expense to take the Yellow River sheepskin raft, that is, by a few bulging drums pork bag tied into the “row” is an ancient water transport tool.

Day 9 Lanzhou

After breakfast, by the tour guide to send the machine, the end of this trip happy, unforgettable Silk Road trip! Continuation of the tour tour of Xi’an tour arrived in Xi’an after the tour by the tour guide, and continue to find the starting point of the Silk Road. I will Bingzhe “to really sincere, Yikeweizun” the spirit of service to the most preferential prices 譲 guests enjoy the beautiful scenery of China’s beautiful mountains and rivers!

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