Blue Aegean Sea – Turkey 10 days

Note: The following itinerary subject to change without notice, the specific trip with the company staff to determine the prevail.

Guarantee to start, to ensure that the team leader with Chinese translation, local professional tour guide, full 5 star hotel (except cave hotel). Including all local specialties (excluding cost, multiple meals served at the hotel) + ticket + hotel + ticket (free program) !!!

Day 1: Toronto Toronto – Istanbul Istanbul

Is the day at the airport collection, take the Canada Airlines luxury plane direct flights to the soil to its largest city – Istanbul, on the plane to enjoy wine and food. No way to transit.

Day 2: Istanbul Istanbul – Gabriel Canakkale (L, D)

The aircraft then arrived in the morning, after entering the country, then went to visit the Du Baqi palace. Intrauterine display of many silver withered and jewelry, as well as the world’s sixth largest diamond, weighing 86 karaoke, Muslim saints Muhammad’s beard and so on. Then go to one of the world’s largest covered market, there are more than 3,000 stores a large market, all kinds of hand-hard and traditional souvenirs can be purchased here. Lunch in the city restaurant, enjoy seafood meal, after dinner to the pier, ferry across the Dudanil Strait, arrived in the history of the important battle had a military powerhouse – Gabriel. Turkish soldiers have been in this and Britain, France, Austria and other countries of the fierce war, there are 250,000 soldiers in this battle in the sacrifice. Dinner at the hotel, accommodation: Kolin Hotel or similar

Day 3: Canquak Canakkale – Troy Old Town Troy – Old Town of Bagdog Bergama – Kusadasi (B, L, D)

After breakfast, proceed to the famous city of Troy. Troy is the ancient city of Greek mythology “Trojan horse”. Boarded the legendary super Trojans and walked into different periods of the ancient city ruins. Then visit the ancient city of Baghdad in Rome, where the capital of the Empire was once. This ancient city is located on the top of the mountain, leaving a lot of buildings, the most famous than the big theater. After lunch, follow the beautiful coastline to the famous Aegean resort of Turkey. The blue sky, the fresh air, and the blue Aegean Sea allow you to completely relax and enjoy the holidays and indulge in the charm of the Aegean Sea. Dinner at the hotel, accommodation: Surmeli Hotel or similar.

Day 4: Ancient Sadas Kusadasi – Ephesus Ephesus Ephesus – Cotton Fort Pamukkale (B, L, D)

After breakfast, proceed to the most famous ancient city of the Mediterranean – Ephesus. Exquisite stone withered, open air theater, contemporary one of the world’s three major libraries, marble road, Hade even the temple, the ancient brothel and luxury toilet. After the former residence of the Virgin Mary; now has become a Catholic holy land. Local famous leather center is absolutely not to be missed, because here is rich in Turkish lambskin, also known as silk skin, fine workmanship, talent, the group can be free to buy. And then to the ancient world of the seven wonders of the Arab-Israeli goddess of the ruins of the temple, and then to create the wonders of nature – the famous Turkish hot spring resort “cotton fort.” Upon arrival at the hotel, guests can go to the hotel’s indoor hot spring pool and dip in the natural spring. Dinner at hotel, Accommodation: Pam Hotel or similar.

Day 5: Cotton Fort Pamukkale-Hilapolis Hierapolis-Kanka Konya (B, L, D)

After breakfast, visit the ancient city of Hilobolis, leaving a unique cultural relics. Cotton Fort because of its special white terrain, like cotton, but its name; hot spring water temperature for many years in 36 degrees to 38 degrees Celsius, the Roman Empire era there are many European aristocracy long journey to this medical treatment. Layering Diego white calcification pool, coupled with blue sky, beauty, is the way to shoot enthusiasts. Guaranteed stay for more than 2 hours. Tourists can enjoy the fun of flowing hot spring water. After lunch, proceed to the ancient capital of the Turkish dynasty. Kang Ya most unique, that is, it is known as the Islamic ascetic home. Dinner and accommodation RIXOS or similar

Day 6: Konya Konya – Kissing Stone Capadocia (B, L, D)

After breakfast, go to the camel motel in the ancient times for long-distance caravans. And then to the lava and volcanic ash cover, the long-term weathering erosion, terrain unique odd stone forest. The United Nations has been included in the “World Cultural Heritage, visit the underground city built by Christianity, with well-equipped, warehouses, wine cellars, churches, ventilators and ventilated escape facilities. Cave restaurants, tasting local specialties, and then visit the famous cave area in the cave to dig in the cave, the Turkish government to protect the area of cultural relics, has now become an open-air museum. Dinner specially arranged in the cave nightclub, Dance and ethnic song and dance accommodation: Uchisar Kaya Hotel (cave hotel) or similar.

Day 7: Kistler Capadocia – Salt Lake Salt Lake – Capital Ankara Ankara (B, L, D)

After breakfast, visit the fairyland window and admire the pyramid type, the vertebral type and the pillar rocky mountains that are hatched by the volley ash. After lunch, visit the carpet village, where the carpets are all hand-made, retain the ancient Silk Road, the Chinese businessmen on the silkworm spinning technology, and the Persian businessmen on the woven carpets sophisticated hand. After lunch, go to Salt Lake to take pictures, salt lake covers a vast, endless. Then went to the capital of Ankara; visit the Turkish National Father Memorial Hall, solemn building, British gas guard. Dinner and Accommodation: Hilton Hotel or similar

Day 8: Ankara Ankara – Crocus City Safranbolu – Istanbul Istanbul (B, L, D)

After breakfast, go to the most beautiful mountain city – Crocus City, is also a shortlist of world heritage attractions, where the complete preservation of the Ottoman period, the local not too many modern buildings, residents still maintain a simple temperament, history In this left a deep traces, withered fine houses, it is quite moving. Upon arrival, take a trip to the saffron city tour. In the town, many of the curved pathways are waiting for you to visit you, take the hookah into the meditation of the elderly, fat Turkey mother, the owner of the traditional pastry shop, with a shy smile of the children, enjoy With a warm sunny lazy cat, let you can not help but fall in love with the mountain town. (Safari City, the conditions are limited, the hotel is inadequate equipment, simple small hotel, does not meet the requirements of the company, so only in this city visit and not stay) After lunch, to Istanbul, after dinner check in to a hotel. Accommodation Sheraton Maslak hotel or similar.

Day 9: Istanbul Istanbul (B, L, D)

After breakfast, visit the Great Square and the ancient horse racing. The square stands three different monuments, three thousand years of history of the Egyptian obelisk, to commemorate the Persian serpentine monument and the tenth century AD emperor monument. The Blue Temple, built by Sultan Amade, will know why only the mosque is the only mosque in the world with six minareries, and our leader will come for you. After the visit to the Byzantine architecture art model – St. Sophia Cathedral; church collection of precious gold mosaic, there are magical “tears of the column”, let us personally experience it. After lunch, visit the Royal Palace of Dumas Crystal Palace, spend 35 tons of gold, 40 tons of silver decorated luxury palace, filled with expensive oil paintings, handmade exquisite silk carpets, talented mahogany and grams of sandalwood flooring, beautiful shape Crystal and staircase, 4 tons of gorgeous crystal chandeliers, 285 rooms, 46 廰, 6 Turkish baths, 68 toilets. Is the residence of the last six emperors of the Sudan, and is also a glorious history of the Ottoman Empire. But also at their own expense to participate in the Bosphorus cruise, take a sightseeing boat tour across Europe and Asia on both continents of the Bosphorus, enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Eurasian. Dinner at the local restaurant. Accommodation: Sheraton Maslak Hotel or similar.

Day 10: Istanbul Istanbul – Toronto Toronto (B)

After breakfast, take the bus to the airport by direct flight to Toronto. Arrived on the afternoon

Morning Bird Offer – $ 1100 per person

(Signed before November 30, 2014, and paid 90 days before departure)


Tour fee

Adult          Children (2-11)       Single room with additional tax

Toronto departs                  $ 3040         $ 2740                      $ 600                 $ 580

Vancouver Departure         $ 3340        $ 3040                     $ 600                    $ 580

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