Churchill Polar Bear Tour

Churchill – the world’s polar bear capital

-1 rugged Hudson Bay coastline
-900 polar bear
-1 The historic stone fortress built in 1731

Churchill will steal your heart. Attract you to be able to see the polar bears, white whales and the northern lights of the opportunity; and ultimately occupy your heart is the remote town of hospitality. Churchill is located on the rocky coast of Hudson Bay, rich in the unique charm of the Arctic region, not only full of purple wild flowers everywhere, but also provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the driving experience of driving dogs. Personally touch the Prince of Wales Fort (Prince of Wales Fort) 11 meters thick wall, feel the fortress 300 years of ups and downs in the Canadian fur trade boom era, where was the birthplace of the Anglo-French war.

Release date: 10.19-10.25

To form a characteristic:

Take a charter
Tundra car accommodation, experience different trips
Visit the Wild Nature Reserve
Experience the dog sled this different activity
The polar bear’s transition has the opportunity to see the rare polar bear
first day

Toronto – Winnipeg
Register (Sheraton Four Seasons Hotel)
Reception dinner
Including: Canada to Winnipeg ticket, Winnipeg four seasons hotel accommodation, dinner.

the next day

In Edmonton, first visit Assiniboine Park Conservancy
Lunch (lunch at local restaurant)
Afternoon to The Forks National Historic Site
Back to the hotel
Including: Winnipeg city tour (nature reserve park, historical site), evening tassel Winnipeg four seasons hotel one night, including three meals a day.

The third day

In the morning, under the leadership of the polar bear international experts, all day ride the tundra car in the Churchill Nature Reserve to find the polar bear.
Afternoon activities, visit Itsanitaq Museum
Hotel grade
Activities include: tundra car, accommodation, including three meals a day

The fourth day

Visit Parks Canada Inteetive Center
Dog sledding
Activities include: tundra car, accommodation, including three meals a day

Fifth day

Continue looking for polar bears
Dinner at local specialties
The sixth day

Breakfast, tundries on the meal
Private plane returns to Winnipeg to end the polar bear to explore the trip.
Winnipeg returned to his place of origin
Activities include: private aircraft return to Winnipeg, Winnipeg back to the original place, to send the machine.

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