Calgary Cowboy Festival

If you ask me, “What’s fun with Calgary?” I will say Calgary Stampede!

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Departure date: July 8 / July 15

The Cowboys Festival is a 10-day event for Calgary. Every year in early July, there will be visitors from all over Canada to come here to “pilgrimage”. During the cowboy festival, the whole city is full of cowboy breath. You can see regardless of men, women and children all disguised as a cowboy (wearing a cowboy to go to work is not surprising!) Shop on the glass window, draw a variety of cartoons on the cowboy. Of course, no country music concert and bar tour (bar climb) it!

To participate in the cowboy before the holiday, do a good job in order to have fun, have fun I prepared the following points for everyone to do reference:

Prepare a set of jeans (think of the cowboy thought Toy Story Woody. Cowboy hat, plaid shirt, jeans and a pair of cowboy boots is the basic cowboy dress Yo!)
Standard denim dress up
Standard denim dress up

Do not forget the sun (remember to rub sunscreen, wearing sunglasses to avoid sunburn)
Bring a thin coat (Calgary sooner or later the temperature difference between the day the hottest to 30 degrees, the evening temperature may drop to 10 degrees)
Calle does not like Taiwan full of foot massage, or in the bag to bring a pair of good shoes to go is King! )
Timely replenish water (remember to bring a bottle of water on the body. After entering the Stampede venue, a small bottle of mineral water at least CDN $ 4 !!)
Find out the route (during the cowboy festival, Calgary MRT will not only increase the number of flights, there are 24 hours of operation Oh! To the main site of the jeans, you can take the red line, to Victoria Park/stampede or Erlton / Stampede stop)
MRT road map
MRT road map

(Cowboy section of the program is too much, it is recommended to go to the jeans section of the official website for information, select the want to go to the program, and then think about whether to buy tickets online or purchase tickets can also go to iTune Or download the Calgary Stampede App on the Google Play or get a brochure at the jeans service desk (Downtown Stephen Avenue) with detailed information)
Cowboy Day brochure
Cowboy Day brochure

How does the cowboy play?

So, what about the cowboy festival in the end? Every day more! Whether it is the elderly, children or young people, can find fun activities, happy in which here a few simple activities listed:

Parade (Parade): The opening of the cowboy festival. Parade 8:55 starts, the path bypasses the city, a total length of about 4.5 km, which lasted 2 hours .7: 30 am began to continue activities (such as singing, dance, martial arts performances, etc.), it is recommended that you go to the place child. Watching the parade is free, but if you want to have a seat, you can also buy a ticket (CDN $ 30 is not taxed or can you buy a package)
Free muffins (free pancakes): almost every morning 8:15 am ~ 10: 30 am, can be in the urban Olympic Square to enjoy free muffins, start a good day
Indian parade (Indian parade): breakfast in the city can watch the Indian parade .10: 00 am start, the procession from the 9th Street No. 1 SW, through the Olympic Square, has been to Weiss Ting Hotel
Rodeo (Rodeo): must not miss one of the important programs. Starting at 1:15 pm every day (about 4:30 pm), there will be a variety of different denim competitions, including saddle riding ride (no saddle), riding cattle (cattle riding), set of dragons (tie-down roping ), Steer wrestling and ladies barrel racing because it is a professional game, so you can see players from all over the world! To see the championship race friends, you can buy tickets to see the last day of the game.
Night show (party): start at 7:45 pm every day (about 11:30 pm), you can see the chuckwagon racing and a variety of gorgeous performances. Finally the end of the night of Israel’s pyrotechnics.
Concert: Stampede venue in the Coca-Cola stage, there will be a free concert can enjoy. And each year the organizers will also invite the heavyweight country singer to sing, these places will have to buy tickets!
Amway facilities (Midway Rides): afraid of children will be boring? Do not worry, there are all kinds of recreational facilities in the venue so that they consume their physical strength.
Beer Garden (Beer Garden): Cowboy Festival absolutely no beer. Remind you, do not forget to bring documents!
Zoo: close contact with cute animals. You can see the piglets, sheep, horses, cattle, chicks have the opportunity to see the sheep bleating or shaking milk or milk demonstration!
Other performances: other interesting, free programs include extreme performances, hypnosis shows, dog stunt performances, juggling performances and so on.
Snack stall: do not be afraid to starve. Stampede venue there are a dazzling variety of snacks, any selection.

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