South Korea six days tour, two trip to Asia tour

Note: The following itinerary subject to change without notice, the specific trip with the company staff to determine the prevail.

Line travel:

Day 1 Seoul entry

Arrived in Seoul, after the tour guide by my company, sent back to the hotel to rest.
Free pick-up time: 08:00 AM-09: 00 AM; 11:00 AM-12: 00 PM; 17:00 PM-18: 00 PM; 21:00 PM-22: 00 PM

Tourist bus 09:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 18:00 PM, 22:00 PM Checkpoints leave the airport

Day 2 Seoul (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

After breakfast will take you to Cheonggyecheon Square, the river runs through the north and south of Seoul, witness the vicissitudes of a hundred years. In recent years after the renovation of the ditch, has been built for a beautiful fresh river, people can walk on the shore chat. Qingxi Square is located in the source of Cheonggyecheon, the mark is a shape of the conch or bamboo shoots of the sculpture, accompanied by streams gurgling, meaning a new life. Qingxi River set up around a lot of cultural space, sculpture, painting, bridges are taking pictures of a good landscape Oh After lunch, the tour was built in 1395 years of six hundred years of history of the Korean era of the first palace [Gyeongbokgung] different seasons of the Gyeongbokgung Palace in the trees against the background, and patchwork of buildings. Folk Museum is located in the palace of the National Folk Museum is to showcase the traditional way of life in Korea, where the show of nearly 4,000 pieces of national information, is the only comprehensive display of folk history of Korea’s national comprehensive museum. There are 3 permanent exhibition rooms and 2 plan exhibition rooms, reference rooms, souvenir shops and other facilities are also perfect. Appearance of the President of the Republic of Korea [Cheong Wa Dae], visit the Korean national highest level museum [war museum] (at their own expense)

Day 3 Seoul – Gangwon-do (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

After breakfast to Jiangyuan Road, on the way to visit the lakes and mountains and beautifully [Nanyi Island]. Boat on board the island, the island is full of grass and walk the trail, the TV series “Winter Sonata” male and female handsome and really have been happy to wander here between the birch forest. Then go to the tour [Seoraksan National Park], snow mountain is one of the eastern mountains of Korea, located in Gangwon Road, close to the town of grass, as well-known tourist attractions, also known as snow-capped mountains, snow mountain, snow early every year, and long stay Time, even the rocks are snow white, so-called Xue Yue. Visit 【Shenxing Temple】. Finally, AquaWorld (with tickets + free coupons) located in the Daming Resort, the water is very clean, AquaWorld not only has healthy spa facilities, more recreational facilities.

Mediterranean style of the building, indoor shower and body massage can eliminate the fatigue of the fitness space and all kinds of waterways and swimming pool recreational space. There are open-air hot spring soup, you can look at the scenery (please own swimsuit swim trunks).

Day 4 Gangwon-do – Seoul (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

After breakfast, visit the Ming Dynasty Queen’s House, Ming Cheng Queen for the 26th generation of the Korean leader of the monarch, the emperor from birth to 8 years old life and life. Her clever diplomatic ability, and in order to maintain North Korea’s autonomy and strongly promote openness and reform, is a very remarkable woman. Ming Ching Queen’s hometown was built in 1995 and was composed of three buildings, including corridors, houses, houses and other buildings. Also in the Ming Dynasty Queen’s childhood study room location, set up the birth of the emperor monument. In the Ming empress before the former residence also has a memorial hall, to show all kinds of empress with the relevant information, relics and so on. And then visit the [Korean Folk Village – Dae Jang Geography base] (at their own expense), located in the capital of Gyeonggi Province near the city of Suwon, covers an area of 163 acres, it will be around the country farm houses, monasteries, aristocratic houses and government buildings and other buildings gathered Here, the reproduction of the Korean Peninsula 500 years ago, when the cultural landscape and regional style. To visit the [38] (at their own expense) 38 line is the dividing line between North and South Korea, where you can look forward to the mysterious country of North Korea, then visit the [ginseng store], [makeup shop].

Day 5 Seoul (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

After breakfast tour 【Dongdaemun Market】 Dongdaemun Market is the largest wholesale and retail market in Korea. The market has more than 20 integrated shopping malls and more than 30,000 specialized stores, more than 50,000 manufacturing companies, is the shopping Kingdom of Seoul. Visit [kimchi exhibition hall] and [Korean traditional clothing experience]. Then go to [Myeongdong district] it is South Korea’s representative shopping street. In Myeong-dong, there are a number of high-rise shopping malls, both sides of the street are high-level brand-name shops, roads on both sides of the alley there are some less well-known mid-range brand shops and bonded stores. Visit the [specialty stores], then visit the [liver] and [Amethyst], watch the world famous [chaos show] in early October 1997 began, it caused the audience’s enthusiastic response, and now has broken through the history of the performance in South Korea On the most box office records, but also through constant updates, improve its quality, become tourists to South Korea must watch the program.

Day 6 Seoul Incheon Airport (Breakfast)

After breakfast, press the designated time to the airport to send the machine, the end of a pleasant trip.

Free delivery time: 7:00 AM and 12:00 PM Depart from the hotel to the airport.

Fare (not including at their own expense and tour tips)
Double room $ 488 / person
Same room third person $ 0 / person
Same room fourth person $ 328 / person
Single room $ 768 / person

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