Italy, the Vatican City, Monaco, France indulge in swim

Note: The following itinerary subject to change without notice, the specific trip with the company staff to determine the prevail.

Saturday Paris Paris → Lucerne Lucerne (650 km)
Breakfast in the hotel, travel by bus to Switzerland, the coach along the highway to the Swiss territory of the afternoon, the afternoon by the Fidelity transport hub city of Basuer into Switzerland, after crossing the border to the famous city of Lucerne, In Lucerne or neighboring cities.

Sunday Lucerne Lucerne → Milan Milan → Verona Verona → Venice Venice (480 km)
After breakfast at the hotel, proceed to the fashion capital of Milan, visit the Duomo Square, Victoria Emmanius II shopping street, huge arched buildings and glass sparkling ceilings, rich louisure, Only after the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, with great tourist value; in the afternoon drive to Romeo and Juliet’s hometown of Verona, visit the former residence of Juliet and the ancient city of Verona; travel to Venice, late in Venice or neighboring cities.

Venice of Venice → Rome Roma (550 km)
After breakfast, proceed to Venice, one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world. After arriving in Venice, take the “Water Taxi” to the famous St. Mark’s Square and visit the St. Mark’s Church, which is full of Byzantine colors. Palaces and prisons of the bridge, the oldest busy Grand Canal and full of characteristics of the shopping alley, the tour can also take their own authentic Gondola punt, swim in the canal to enjoy the water scenery, later to the famous The glass craft factory, visit Venice hundreds of years of the process of making glass process; afternoon departure to the “capital of eternity” of the Italian capital of Rome, late in Rome or neighboring cities.

Tuesday Rome Roma → Vatican City Vatican → Florence Florence (280 km)
After breakfast at the hotel, visit the Rome attractions include: built in the seventy years of the Cultural Essence of the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, the grand monument of the unified monument and a fountain called the Devi fountain; then visit The city of Rome, the world’s smallest country, visit the world’s largest cathedral St. Peter’s Basilica, this great architectural building built in the European Renaissance, Italy’s finest architecture and artist crystallization of a hundred and twenty Was built, the dome of the cathedral structure is perfect, the square is magnificent solemn and stunning, the church has the tomb of St. Peter, genius art master Mi Gao An Zhe only engraved on the name of the withered works “maternal love” is still stored in Within the church; afternoon to Florence, known as the cradle of culture, is a late stay in Florence or neighboring cities.

Wednesday Florence Florence → Pisa Pisa → Genoa Genoa (250 km)

After breakfast at the hotel, visit Florence, from the hill on the meters high Anzhe Square, overlooking the whole picture of Florence, enjoy this beautiful atmosphere of the city full of art; more tour of the city attractions include: built in the thirteenth century the world’s third The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Church and the Anun River on the medieval gold trading arch bridge, buried the Italian celebrities Mi Gao An Zhe, Da Wenxi and the famous physicist Cali Lilly St. Cross Church. The world famous Italian leather industry and leather technology source out of this, the group can take this opportunity to the leather company to buy practical leather products. In the afternoon to pizza, visit the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, visit the pizza Cathedral and the Baptistery, which was built with white marble nine hundred years ago. The tower was originally the bell tower of Pisa Cathedral. It is a funny place to stay in the port city of Genoa, which is a late stay in Genoa or neighboring city.

Thursday Genoa Genoa → Monte Carlo Monete Carlo → Nice Nice → Cannes (Cannes) Cannes → Avignon Avignon (450 km)

Breakfast in the hotel, proceed to the south of France on the blue coast, arrived at noon to the small country Monaco (Monte Carlo), the back of the sea of the casino Monte Carlo beautiful scenery, is the world’s rich resort to the resort paradise, Visit the Monaco Palace, which overlooks the small country from the hills. Travel to the resort resort to Nice, visit the angel bay and the British walk the road; then go to hold the film festival and the famous Cannes (Cannes), to the film festival to take pictures of the station, printed fingerprints More witness Yang Wei international star in Cannes left style. South of France is a rich perfume, on the way through the rich perfume town, take the opportunity to visit the perfume factory, the group can take the opportunity to pick their own favorite perfume; afternoon leave the blue coast drive to the direction of Provence, late stay in Avignon or Close to the city.

Friday Avignon Avignon → Paris Paris (700 km)

Breakfast in the hotel, the coach along the highway directed at Paris, is expected to arrive at dusk.

This group of fees calculated by the day, playing a few days a few days, the calculation of the cost of time must be “days”

From the group that night is not included accommodation, for example: to participate in the seven-day group is a six-night stay, to participate in the three-day group is a two-night stay,

Daily fare:
Adult € 68 / child € 58

Tour fee description:
˙ price to two people live in a double room calculation
˙ single person to register or produce single room to pay a single room surcharge, 30 euros per night
˙ children with two to eleven years of age and two adults with the same room does not account for bed
˙ children in bed to adult dollars
˙ babies under two years of age are free, but not any seats and services

The tour fee includes:
˙ full tour bus
˙ nightly stay three star hotel standard room
˙ sightseeing tour program
˙ Chinese leader

The tour does not include:
˙ attractions tickets
˙ tip (5 euros per day)
˙ everything is not included in the “tour fee”

Other charges (as needed)
˙ Participants from the field, for the night before the group and the extra night stay at the hotel, the price per person per night 35 euros (from) to stay the same hotel hotel
˙ For the airport (or station) to pick up 25 euros per person (at least two people, the same size, one person according to the price of two)

Rome city center Termini train station
Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 15:00
Location: Via Marsala, Roma 00815, Italy
Waiting location: Exit 1 (near Via Marsala) Exit by platform no. 1 (Nearby Via Marsala)

Paris 13th Place Italian Square
Date: Every Saturday
Time: 09: 00
Location: 211 Boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris
Waiting Location: McDonald’s Restaurant in front of McDonalds Restaurant

Lucerne Central Central Railway Station Luzern Hauptbahnhof
Date: Every Sunday
Time: 08: 30
Location: Bahnhofplatz, Luzern 6003
Waiting Location: Main Entrance Entrance

Milan Duomo Cathedral
Date: Every Sunday
Time: 14:30
Location: Piazza del Duomo, Milan 20121 Italy
Waiting Location: Main Entrance Entrance

In order to travel more convenient to customize your budget, we will list the attractions you have attached to the itinerary Please see: (Ticket fee is for reference only)
Colosseum Colosseum € 12.00
Gondola Gondola Condola € 25.00
Leaning Tower of Pisa € 15.00
Juliet House Casa di Giulietta € 3.00
Vatican Museum Vatican Museums € 15.00

Special Note:
˙ asked three people live together with a room rate to take care, letter?
(Most hotels in Europe do not have a standard triple room, usually double bed plus bed, but also according to the supply of the hotel to make arrangements)
˙ tour group with double room “two single beds” for the equipment standards; if required to use “double bed”, please specify when the registration
(Subject to the availability of the hotel and the final arrangement, the Company does not make any guarantee and commitment)
˙ single application, must first pay a single room surcharge, the company has no obligation and responsibility for its arrangements with another group of friends in the same room, the company as far as possible to help find;

Such as the final arrangements for the same room, the payment of single room surcharge will be completed in the end of the day by the team signature confirmation, and returned by the company in full.
(The company stressed that each other do not know and fight with the occupants, even by the company arrangements, members of their personality and behavior, and the company does not involve .A there are any customary differences and disputes, the company and the tour guide is not responsible for coordination And difficult to intervene)
˙ Please carry valid travel documents (passport)

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