Guilin Lijiang landscape, Longji terrace 7 days tour

“Guilin landscape Jia Tianxia, Yangshuo landscape A Guilin” arrived in Guilin on Tuesday
Travel characteristics
* Tour Guilin: watch the “mountain green, Shuixiu, hole odd, stone beauty” charming scenery
* Special Plus: Chinese style first village – Yijiang edge style area
* Boat tour Lijiang essence section, Longji terraced fields, the world karst art treasures – silver rock
* Tasting: Guilin authentic meal buffet, ethnic minor street feast, authentic Guilin rice flavor

Online booking
Adult $ 99 Single room surcharge $ 220
Child (no bed) $ 99 occupies $ 199
Note: If the trip is subject to change without notice, the specific itinerary and price, please contact the company staff
(Tuesday) the first day: arrived in Guilin

Guilin Royal Garden Hotel 5 star or similar
Guests arrive in Guilin by luxury airliner and are returned to the hotel by the tour guide. Enjoy five-star luxury hotel entertainment facilities.
(Free 13: 00-22: 00 pick up machine, please provide the time of registration to pick up flights;
Other time to pick up additional $ 30 / times / person, or guests to the hotel. )

(Wednesday) the next day: Guilin – Yangshuo (B / L / D)

Jasper International Hotel 5 star or similar
After breakfast, go to the “Yushan Park”, which is Guilin landscape tour of the mountain, but also the origin of Guilin history, gardening techniques unique. Then visit “Zi Chau Island” and distant view of the Elephant Trunk Hill. After visiting the jewelry processing plant. After lunch, “Lijiang River” essence of the section, the river and the mountains and the mountains, the two sides of the mountains stalwart tall and straight, thousands of shapes, the reflection of the mountain, somewhat hazy, somewhat clear, beautiful scenery. Travel Lijiang River, do not worry about the weather changes, sunny see Qingfeng reflection, cloudy days to see the mountains and clouds, rainy days to see Lijiang misty rain, no doubt this wonderful place is “Guilin landscape Jia Tianxia” one of the main reasons. Night at their own expense to enjoy the “impression of Liu Sanjie” landscape real performance.

(Thursday) Day 3: Yangshuo – Lipu – Yangshuo (B / L)

Jasper International Hotel 5 star or similar
After breakfast, visit the treasures of the world karst art “Silver Rock Scenic Area”, which is like a huge natural bonsai, surrounded by mountains surrounded by handsome small green mountains, acres of Taolin scattered during the “poetry garden home model,” said. Tiguan “Moon Hill”, Moon Hill is the wonders of Yangshuo territory, up to 380 meters. Because the Peak is a through the big hole, resembles a round of Haoyue, commonly known as Moon Hill, people also called it moon. After arriving in Yulong River, feel raft drifting. Then visit the glass hall. In the evening, take a stroll in the romantic “West Street”, so that beauty and music to accompany you through the most pleasant period of time!

(Friday) Day 4: Yangshuo – Longsheng (B / L / D)

Longji International Hotel 4 star or similar
After breakfast, go to Longsheng at their own expense to visit the “Longji terraced fields”, terraced fields from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the mountains such as snails, mountains like towers, looked from the height of the beautiful terraces. Then visit the “ancient Zhuang”, the village next to a ridge like a dragon hovering down until Jinjiang, “Longji” hence the name. Ancient Zhuangzhai is located on the ridge, on both sides of each have a huge ridge spread down, like the seat of the two handrails, the ancient village is like sitting on a chair, is a rare feng shui treasure.

(Saturday) Day 5: Longsheng – Lingui – Guilin (B / L / D)

Guilin Royal Garden Hotel 5 star or similar
After breakfast, proceed to the “Yijiangyuan Scenic Area”. The scenic area is integrated with ethnic minorities to form a beautiful and harmonious natural picture. And then enjoy the complimentary foot massage, concept of health museum and silk museum, to understand the Chinese culture and traditional craftsmanship profound. After the tour of our country’s longest history, the most well-preserved Ming Dynasty fan government – “Jingjiang Palace”, concentrated in recent years Guilin’s history and culture, located in the city of “longevity peak”, Gufeng sudden, steep Gao Jun , The momentum of the majestic, known as the “South pillar”, the earliest Guilin landscape A world poem is engraved in this peak. Night at their own expense to watch large-scale fantasy acrobatic song and dance show “” between the landscape “” and the night two rivers and four lakes.

(Sunday) Day 6: Guilin (B / L)

Guilin Royal Garden Hotel 5 star or similar
After breakfast, visit the “Yung Shan Lake Scenic Area”, the lake has a “sun and the moon twin towers”, a gold and one silver, shine. Day tower is the world’s highest copper tower, up to 42 meters, a total of 9 layers, is China’s first copper pagoda, with 600 tons of copper cast into. There is a 10-meter-long tunnel at the bottom of the lake connected to the 7-storey tower. Then visit the “Mu Long Lake Scenic Area”, then enjoy the tea show and taste the Chinese tea, visit the traditional Chinese folk tree museum. Then free to walk in Guilin’s “ancient South Gate”, “nine bridge”. And then to the “Zhengyang Pedestrian Street”, which is Guilin’s first commercial pedestrian street, guests can enjoy the local snacks at their own expense.

(Monday) The seventh day: Guilin home (breakfast)

After breakfast, by the tour guide to send the machine, or by the staff of the company to arrange for other domestic tourist attractions. I will Bingzhe “to really sincere, Yikeweizun” the spirit of service to the most preferential prices 譲 guests enjoy the beautiful scenery of China’s beautiful mountains and rivers!

(Free 08: 00-19: 00 to send the machine, please provide the flight time to apply for flight; flight arrangements as far as possible after the scheduled departure from 15:00, other time to pick up additional $ 30 / person / person, or guests to the airport .)

* Must participate in their own projects: Longji terraced fields, “landscape” acrobatic song and dance show, impression Liu Sanjie performances, travel two rivers and four lakes, a total of US $ 180 (children and adults with the price);
* Fees include: itinerary listed attractions tickets, hotels, meals, air conditioning luxury bus;
* Sent to China accident insurance (RMB 300,000);
* Cost does not include:
International / domestic air tickets and their taxes, personal travel, medical insurance, visa fees;
All costs that are purely private; additional costs arising from private causes and flight delays, or other irresistible factors;
* This group is designed for overseas Chinese and set up high-quality tours, to provide Chinese tour guide; not with the domestic group merger;
* Tour guide and staff service fee US $ 10 / person / day, please be sure to pay the tour with the project at your own expense;
* If the guests are away from the group, accompanied by relatives and friends to be set off a fine of US $ 50 / person / day; or immediately terminate the qualification;
* The above itinerary is for reference only, if the weather or traffic and other manpower irresistible factors, the attractions may be adjusted;
* All participants are deemed to agree to the above terms.

* If you have your own ticket, you must submit your flight and passport information 7 days prior to departure before you can enjoy free shuttle service and RMB 300,000 in China. There are shopping arrangements, shopping is voluntary, Forced to shop, but please
Friends must join the store to visit.

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