Embrace the natural, enjoy the fresh – Canada Rocky Mountain essence of the four-day tour (small group)

$ 645.00 (three star hotel / 8 or 12 Mercedes)

$ 825.00 (4 star hotel / 8 or 12 Mercedes)

“Refused to fly, deliberately provide the best quality to the same love you”

Full of five gifts, called on your friends and family together


Day 1: Place of residence – Calgary

(Calgary), we will arrange a hand-held guests waiting at the airport luggage carousel, the international flights in the passenger exit waiting (free transfer time as early as 9 am – 9 pm) followed by Guests are sent to the hotel for a rest. Time-friendly visitors are free to choose the following recommended activities at their own expense.

Recommended attractions:

1. City free sightseeing: guests can travel to Chinatown, Calgary’s most beautiful pedestrian street – Stephen Ave, North America’s second tower – Calgary Tower (tickets at their own expense), the tower has an hourly rotation of the revolving restaurant and viewing platform, Overlooking the streets and 100 km away from the Rocky Mountains.

2. Heritage Park: Canada’s largest historical folk park, the park was established to commemorate those who write the history of Canada’s western celebrities, events and achievements. Visitors can use this interactive area to visit the 127-acre real historical exhibition area: boarded the rumbling steam train, become a fear of all travelers, or in the candy store receipt of a bag of snack snacks, exposure Experience the life of history.

3. No tax-free shopping: friends who like shopping can go to the indoor shopping mall -TD Square, the famous store Holt Renfrew or Calgary’s largest cross iron factory outlets, experience the Canadian tax-free shopping fun.

Hotel: 3 star hotel in the city center / 4 star hotel in the city


The next day:

8:00 AM Hotel Collection

Today we will lead you to explore Canada’s oldest Banff National Park, to visit the Rocky Mountain Rock – Louis, the famous Fortress Hotel. Follow the famous Canadian Highway 1 and enjoy the exclusive grassland pastures of Alberta. The journey is about 126 kilometers and travels for 1.5 hours

9:30 AM arrived in Banff town

Take a moment to go to Rocky Mountain to take the most value of the lake – Dream Lake

Located in the 10 peaks and valleys of Lake Molin, known as the beauty of the beauty is absolutely well deserved. Most of the visitors will be stepped on the heap of stone to the top of the lake, blue crystal lake close to the adjacent mountains and rivers glaciers will always let the visitors during the shock. It is no wonder that the Canadian government in particular this beauty spread in the 20 yuan behind the Canadian dollar (1969 edition). Attractions for 50 minutes, the journey is about 58 km, exercise 50 minutes

11:10 AM to the Lake Louise area

Lake Louise is the most famous lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park in the name of the beautiful royal royal prince, and is derived from the lake behind the Victoria Glacier, with rich minerals, More famous at the Fairmont Louise Lake Fortress Hotel with lakes and mountains embraced each other. Lake Louise is a fairy tale fairyland, the lake’s Fairmont Louise Lake Castle Hotel has long been integrated with beauty, it is the famous American financial magazine “Forbes” selected the world’s most beautiful one of the top ten hotels. Attractions stay 90 minutes, travel about 30 km, exercise 20 minutes

13:00 PM Go to the spiral tunnel of the Youhe National Park

The spiral tunnel, located in the Yoho National Park, is one of the most dangerous sections of the entire Canadian Pacific railway project, sweeping through numerous railway laborers. From the highway 1 on the sidelines, you can read this twists and turns, but also have the opportunity to see the locomotive from the upper hole, the tail is also exposed in the lower tunnel outside the scene. Attractions stay for 15 minutes, the journey is about 16 km, exercise 20 minutes

14:00 PM Arrival Emerald Lake – Emerald Lake

For the emerald lake, which is famous for its beautiful colors, you can walk through the lake to enjoy its tranquility or overlooking the famous Burgess Slate Field – the famous excavation site for the ancient fossils of ancient times, is also an archaeological Academics or hiking enthusiasts prefer one of the routes. Attention to stay for 45 minutes, travel about 50 km, exercise 40 minutes

15:00 PM Arrival at Nature Bridge – Nature Bridge

Natural Bridge (Natural Bridge) is the crane crane National Park, another victory. Pentium gallop river thousands of years to day and night the impact of stone walls, crushed, perseverance, and finally wear stone and over, blew out to form today’s gods of the natural bridge wonders.

One day of the trip to the end, return to the hotel to rest

Hotel: Banff three star hotel / banquet four star hotel

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Day 3:

8:00 AM morning set, start today’s trip. First we will visit the landscape on the road to visit the most of the bow lake. Bow Lake is one of the famous lakes of the Rocky Mountains, located on the shore of the Crownfoot Mountain, just off Route 93, which is a tributary of the South Saskatchewan River and is That is the source of the Nelson River. Bow Lake Lake wide, Yanbohaomiao, lake pure green.

11:00 AM Then we arrived at the world-famous Colombian icefield. The Columbia Icefield is the largest ice sheet on Earth except the north and south poles and Greenland, the remains of the third ice age of the earth, from the age of seventy to five thousand years ago to eleven thousand years ago. The Colombian ice sheet is about 325 square kilometers covered, covering the eight glaciers around, facing the center of the ice valley is one of the basaca glaciers. Its thickness of 300 to 500 meters, this ice is different from the general ice, tens of thousands of years even thick snow, back into a glacier. We will take a unique high-speed snow car (at their own expense) up to 300 meters deep Asapa card glacier, you can walk on the glacier to experience the magic of nature, and have the opportunity to taste the glacial water Special taste.

12:30 PM guests take lunch

13:30 PM Visit the glacier sky sail (at your own expense) On the Sky Trail, visitors can walk along the fully open cliff trails to the 280-meter (918-foot) glass floor viewing platform above the Sunwapta Valley. This spectacular spot is one of the most unique ecosystems in the world and is a great place to learn about ecology, geology, glacier knowledge, and the natural history of the Colombian icefield.

15:30 PM Then visit the castle, which is known for its colorful colors, with a special pawl glacier, and the whole journey will take you into the area of the Rocky Mountains at the latest to discover the most spectacular glaciers. The beautiful lake definitely makes you a worthwhile trip.

Return to Calgary at 19:30 pm

Hotel: Calgary City 3 star hotel / 4 star hotel


Day 4:

Morning free to visit or visit relatives and friends, then take the hotel shuttle to the airport, the end of a pleasant trip to the Rocky Mountains.

If you do not have any itineraries on the first day of arrival, you can also refer to the attractions of the first day of the trip to recommend a rich and complete journey.

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